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JK Lab has been active in the industry since the early 1990s, which means we have a long experience and extensive knowledge of our products in Hardness Meters, Tensile Tester, Metallography, Image Analysis, Microscope, Hardness Tester, Portable Measurement Equipment, Elemental Analysis and
Service & amp; Calibration.

We at JK Lab always strive for long-term cooperation with our customers, which we achieve by offering instruments and consumables from the market’s leading manufacturers, as well as providing a complete service organization.

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Service & Calibration

We have made sure that our technicians have a deep knowledge base in all the instruments we sell. All our service technicians are certified and have continuous training with our suppliers to always help you in the best way!

We also offer calibration for instruments such as Stretch Gauge, Hardness Gauge, Tensile Testing, Pressure Testing and Stroke Testing Machine. After a calibration, you can be sure that
Your equipment will work in the best way and with high precision.