Bench Power Cutters

brilliant 220
Benchtop Cut-off Machine

The BRILLANT 220 is a compact, user-friendly precision wet abrasive cutting machine. It can be fitted with up to three automatic axes (X, Y, Z) and several cutting modes for maximum flexibility and ideal use of space.

With its modular construction and different options and clamping tools the cutting machine Brillant 220 can be easily equipped for specific applications. The fully automatic BRILLANT 220 is especially suited for precise cutting of small part of different geometries. Use of a vacuum sample holder allows cutting of thin sections and unmounted samples with a precision of 0.001 mm.


  • Precision cutting machine
  • Spacious cutting chamber with large table
  • Openings on left and right for continuous long parts
  • Electronic control with LC display
  • Electronic travel measurement
  • Electronic performance control
  • Various cutting modes
  • Memory function for saving programs
  • Manual movement of all axis via joystick (automatic mode only)
  • Current safety standard
  • LED chamber illumination
  • Large range of different clamping tools and systems available
  • Solid aluminium case construction, powder coated 1234 5678 0000