Bench Power Cutters

brilliant 240
Benchtop Cut-off Machine

The Brillant 240 is a compact and flexible semi-automatic abrasive cut-off machine with a 254 mm/10” cut-off wheel for workpieces or samples up to Ø 95 mm. This machine combines the benefits and speed of a manual cut-off machine with the advantages of an automatic abrasive cutter.

The semi-automatic Brillant 240 equipped with an integrated hand lever with electromechanical lever brake. It can be operated with one hand and makes vertical cuts or the positioning of the cut-off wheel easier than before. The stainless steel cutting table can be used in manual mode by a hand wheel (traverse cut), or with a dynamic automatic drive. The latter allows the pulsed cut and the Care-Cut (oscillation cut for chop cuts). For more complex cutting tasks, the Brillant 240 can be equipped with an optional automatic cross table to perform serial cuts.

The unique horizontal, parallel moving wheel guard maximizes the usage of the cut-off wheel.

A very large color interface and newly created user concept guides the operator through the tasks, to minimize operator errors. The individually adjustable user information system facilitates routine tasks such as renewal of coolant, scheduled maintenance etc.

Like all other cut-off machines from ATM Qness GmbH, the Brillant 240 is fully compatible with QATM’s easy clamping system. The changing of clamping tools becomes much faster and allows the user to remove or fix a clamping tool with only one single step.


  • Manual Y-axis with electromechanical lever brake
  • Care-Cut: facilitates gentle cutting
  • 7″ Touch-Screen user interface with intuitive QATM user software
  • Automatic travel X-axis – manual travel via hand wheel
  • Cutting-force dependent feed control (X-axis)
  • Superior LED illumination of cutting chamber
  • Parallel setting of wheel guard during cutting sequences increases cutting capacity
  • Opening on both sides for long parts 1234 5678 0000