Floor-mounted Cutting Machines

brilliant 2000
Floor-mounted Cutting Machines

The industrial wet cut-off machine BRILLANT 2000 meets the highest of demands on space available and possibilities for cutting with its innovative concept for design, construction and operation.

A water-cooled 30 kW main motor is integrated into the swing arm and the automatic horizontal table (X-axis) and cutting wheel movement (Y-axis) can reach up to 100 mm/sec. through highly dynamic axis drives in rapid-run. With a totally new approach with the automatic cross-feed movement (Z-axis) through the swing arm, the cutting chamber is ideally put to use. Parallel setting of the wheel guard during vertical cutting sequences increases the cutting capacity considerably.

The large front and hinged door with safety lock enable access to the machine table with longitudinal and cross T-slots. The side door allows easy and convenient change of the cutting wheel if Z-axis is set on the hard right position. Recirculating cooling and automatic central lubrication systems are integrated into the robust welded steel construction body of the machine.


  • Automatic horizontal movement (X-axis) and vertical movement (Y-axis) up to 100 mm/sec through highly dynamic axis drives in rapid run
  • Automatic cross feed of cutting wheel (Z-axis)
  • Multi-position process MPP
  • Increased cutting capacity by parallel setting of wheel guard during vertical cutting
  • Large machine table with T-nuts longwise and crosswise
  • Sliding and side door with safety lock
  • Touch-screen display with QATM-software control
  • Storage of unlimited number of programs with password; update and backup via USB
  • Remote service/support is available via controller (ISDN connection with router on site required)
  • Smart phone optics for easy compilation of compact program sequences with position steps and cutting modes with Drag&Drop (travel-, cut-off-, diagonal-, layer- and segment cut)
  • The combination of an arbitrary range of cutting positions enables series cuts of differing cut-sequences
  • Automatic cutting with pulse cut
  • Cutting force-related feeder regulation and soft-approach control
  • Variable speed
  • Manual control of all axis by joystick
  • Water-cooled 30 kW-main motor integrated into the swivel arm
  • Incl. cutting wheel arbour with wear ring and chamber illumination
  • Automatic central lubrication (6 bar compressed air required)
  • Easy-nut
  • Large range of different clamping tools and systems available
  • Standstill monitor
  • Solid welded steel case construction, powder coated 1234 5678 0000