Floor-mounted Cutting Machines

brilliant 255
Floor-mounted Cutting Machines

The universal wet abrasive cut-off machine Brillant 255 with manual travel and fine dynamic cutting allows precise, soft touch cutting with 2 axes in arbitrary directions (Y/X axis) and can be equipped with a manual Z-axis for parallel serial cuts (option).

Side openings allow cutting continuous long parts in the spacious cutting chamber of this solid and powder-coated aluminium construction. Complex geometric shaped samples can be fixed securely on the T-slot table using our reliable clamping systems. The vibration reducing design of the cutting arm allows a low noise cutting process.

Our approved LED cutting chamber illumination is energy saving, damage resistant and guarantees optimum illumination of the cutting chamber.


  • Manual vertical movement
  • Manual horizontal movement, with lateral wheel wrench (optional with locking)
  • Large cutting chamber
  • Opening on left- and righthand side for continuous long materials
  • Large table
  • Sliding door
  • Safety standard with door interlocking system
  • Flange with ceramic protector
  • Easy-Nut
  • Cutting chamber illumination with LED flex light
  • Large range of different clamping tools and systems available
  • Solid aluminium case construction, powder coated 1234 5678 0000