Floor-mounted Cutting Machines

brilliant 3D
Floor-mounted Cutting Machines

The new Brillant 3D is equipped with 5 axis (X-, Y-, Z-, D-, E-axis). This allows positioning and cutting of the sample in nearly all arbitrary positions to the cut-off wheel.

The device has all the characteristics of the Brillant 275 universal wet-cutting machine and meets high demands on space and cutting operations with its innovative concept. The automatic horizontal table (X-axis) and cutting wheel movement (Y-axis) can reach up to 80 mm/sec. through highly dynamic axis drive in rapid run.

Compact program sequences for automatic processes are easy to compile by Touchscreen-control. Parallel setting of wheel guard during vertical cutting sequences increases the cutting capacity. A large sliding and side door with safety lock during wheel movement provides best access to the large machine table with longitudinal and cross T-slots. Automatic central lubrication and recirculation cooling unit are integrated into the robust powder-coated aluminium body of the machine.

The Multi-Position process (MPP) allows cutting at different positions in just one sequence. Setting and approaching of cutting positions is made easy and comfortable with the Teach-In- Function.

Precisely positioned cuts without re-clamping the specimen eliminate complicated instructions to describe the sampling process, reduce the number of clamping tools and minimize cutting errors. Full automation makes the entire process effective and efficient.


  • Cuts in different positions automatically without re-clamping
  • No expensive instructions needed for taking out samples
  • Precise positioning of cuts
  • Reduction of clamping tools
  • Minimization of cutting errors
  • Full automation
  • Time saving 1234 5678 0000